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شرکت مقاوم سازی ساختمان رادیاب

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گروه JEC تمرکز خود را به بخش مشتریان نهایی معطوف کرده لذا تصمیم دارد که کنفرانس The Future of Composites in Construction را که یک رویداد جدید در قسمت امیدبخش بازار مواد کامپوزیت است را برگزار کند.

صنعت ساختمان و مهندسی عمران سومین مصرف کننده بزرگ در حال رشد مواد کامپوزیت در تجارت صنعت کامپوزیت آمریکاست.

June 22, 20l7 (Open session, accessible to all participants)

Developing Building Codes and Guidelines: Is Standardization an Attainable Goal? (AM)

> What comes after updating the International Building Code (IBC)?
> Necessary regulatory changes
> Educating the architectural world about the use of composite

June 21, 20l7 (Symposium)

Building: Ensuring Safety While Maintaining Performance (AM)
> Fire protection and retardant systems
> Corrosion, fatigue resistance an high weight to strength ratio
> Finding the right resin: properties, performance, etc.
> Pultrusion: Still the manufacturing method of choice?

Infrastructure: Evaluating and Improving the Durability of Composite Materials (PM)
> Light-weighting, sustainability, green building
> Using thermal insulation properties of composite towards energy-saving structures

> Life-cycle analysis (LCA) tools

June 20, 20l7 (Symposium)

Building: A Segment Filled With Possibilities(AM)
> Market overview
> Meeting structural, thermal and aesthetic requirements
> Existing issues and possible solutions (costs, standardization, etc.)
> What is currently driving the demand?

Infrastructure: Composites as a Worthy Alternative to Traditional Materials (PM)
> Market overview
> Repair and improvement of existing architectures
> FRP use in complex, hybrid, structures

> Flexibility for unique designs

Event Highlights

TRADE SHOW: entirely dedicated to the construction market and its many segments.

INNOVATION HUB: including the JEC Innovation Awards Program, Live Demos and Innovation Showcase areas and featuring innovative industry capabilities.

COMPOSITES TOUR: an exclusive opportunity to benefit from a guided tour of selected industry leaders in the Chicago area.

CONSTRUCTION LEADERSHIP CIRCLE: high level networking event with OEMs and top tier suppliers (By Invitation Only).

TECHNICAL POSTERS: a free poster session to display your products on any composites construction-related subject.

And more!

Nicolas Baudry, Events Director North America

Yana Kouninski, Account Manager - US Events

Cécile Lagoutte, Conferences Manager

In partnership with:

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